What people are saying about Bakey and Betty…

“People laugh so hard at Bakey and Betty’s act, they fail to notice what fine musicians they are. Bakey is a seriously good guitar, banjo and ukulele player. Betty not only sings like a dream but is also an excellent ukulele player despite her skills being limited to rhythm. As far as I’m concerned, this pair is as good as it gets in comedy/music acts.”
Perry Botkin, Jr.
Grammy winning, Oscar-nominated composer, producer, arranger and musician.

“Great mix of humor and love. They connect, not only together, but with their audiences and you feel the warmth in every word they sing. I’m completely speechless by the blending of their voices. I’m blown away and my heart is adrift by some of those exceptionally lovely old love songs. I didn’t want it to end. Surprisingly powerful and thoroughly professional.”
Bill Nelson
Internationally known, Award-winning illustrator and sculptor, listed in Who’s Who in America.

“Nobody plucks with as much pizazz as Bakey or sings a tune as sweet and inviting as Betty.”
Jordan Young
Freelance writer, Theatre critic, Playwright.